Connection Groups

Connection is important to us here at East Side. Our goal is to provide ways for people to connect with Jesus on a relational level and others on a personal level. The best way at East Side for this to happen is by joining a Connection Group.

Connection Groups are small groups of people that consistently meet together to study God’s word and to develop meaningful relationships with one another. Every day of the week there are groups that meet. Whether it’s on East Side’s campus or in someone’s home, connection is happening.

Much like the early church, we believe a community of people should be devoted not only to Jesus but also to one another. We do life together; we pray together; we grow together; and we share the gospel together. It is a picture of healthy community and it is exactly what Jesus intended.

If you have any questions or you would like to lead a Connection Group, contact our Executive Pastor Ben McDowell at

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“Upcoming Connection Group Dates September 9th – December 8th”