India Project

We began our relationship with the Moses family and the ministry in India in the summer of 2014. It didn’t take long for us to fall in love with the Moses family and to see the incredible need there. By January of 2015 East Side took on the responsibility of fully supporting this ministry by sending them $6000 a month.

The monthly support is distributed to the church that JD Moses pastors, several pastors of churches that have been started over the years, the orphanage, the school, the Laura Young Medical Center, and the leper ministry. East Side, through the generosity of its people, has also purchased 88 sewing machines for women who have completed the program designed to teach them a skill so they can earn a modest income.

There are currently 114 children in the orphanage. To provide food, clothing, shelter, and an education it cost $40 a month per child. East Side set a goal of 100 children to be “sponsored”. We currently have 79 committed sponsorships from individuals and small groups in our church to provide these basic services for these children.

East Side’s church services are also broadcasted in several countries throughout Asia and the Middle East. This has been a great tool for the gospel to be shared in a region that in parts are closed off to message of Christ. The annual cost for this service is $10,000.

East Side has also raised money to dig a well, to purchase land, and to build a school building for the children in the orphanage and surrounding towns and villages. Our church has raised $296,450 for these projects.

India Project

The ministry’s History:

  • The orphanage was started in 1977. There have been over 9,000 orphans that have come through this ministry. There is an average of 100 orphans being cared for at any given time. It costs an est. $40 a month to support each orphan.
  • The church was started in 1978. Since then, 200 more churches have been started out of the main ministry. The past few years the church planting ministry has been slow due to reduced financial support. The churches are self-sufficient. The main church supports new church plants for 2-3 years at $150 a month.
  • The ladies ministry was started in 1984. With the help of other ministries, the India mission has purchased over 3,000 sewing machines at $110 each to teach them a skill and to give women and widows a way to generate an income for their families.
  • The school was started in 1996. The school opened with the dreams of reaching the community on a daily basis. Kids attend from the surrounding villages and towns.
  • The medical ministry was started in 2001. The goal is to minister to the poor and needy through medical care and the Gospel of Christ. There is a medical clinic on the church property and trips are taken into surrounding villages and towns to provide medical care on a regular basis.
  • There is also a Leprosy ministry. The Moses family regularly minister to different leprosy colonies. 55% of leprosy cases in the world are in India.
  • There is also a dream of starting a seminary.

Current Needs:

  • Second floor of the school building: The local authorities have informed the Moses family that they school building cannot be inhabited by the children and staff until the second floor is completed. This was not a part of the original agreement with the city. By June of 2017 the project needs to be completed. This deadline has been set by local authorities.
    • Estimated cost– $210,000
  • Adjacent land: There are about 5 acres of land adjacent to the ministry’s property. The radical Hindus are trying to purchase this land to build a Hindu temple for them to worship in. This would create a very difficult situation for the ministry to continue to operate with freedom. The land could also be used to expand what God has been doing through the ministry there for so many years.
    • Estimated cost– $60,000
  • School Bus: The ministry would like to purchase a school bus so that they could provide transportation to the school. Many children in the surrounding towns and villages cannot attend school because they don’t have the means of transportation.
    • Estimated cost– $25,000
  • Medical Needs: JD Moses is in need of surgery. He has a tumor on his spine that needs to be removed. The surgery itself needs to be performed in the United States.
    • Estimated cost– $70,000 (up front)